About Us

The Orthodontics and Dental Information Exchange (ODIIE for short) serves as an online digital information hub for both would-be patients and doctors at an international level.

It is a collaborative effort between dentist and orthodontists all over the world Consults oversees for dentist and orthodontic practices(namely in the US and Asia) bridging the gap between several knowledge bases thus, creating a way to advance through shared information.  The Orthodontics and Dental Information Exchange (ODIE) seeks to advance the science of dentistry and orthodontics for the sole purpose of creating a better experience for both patients of dentistry and orthodontics as well as the practitioners of these wonderful fields.


On the pages of this website one can find several valuable resources that, regardless of one’s background, will provide useful and practical information that can be applied.  Through international barriers we can achieve great knowledge in the wointernational orthodontist and dentistsrld of dentistry and orthodontics.


*special thanks to Keiko at Mahalo Dental for assisting with translations.


Helpful links

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