They Use Lasers in Orthodontics?

Yes, and they are called laser procedures. It can make treatment time shorter.

Some are designed for hard tissues like teeth and bone while others are used only on soft tissues which are considered to be more useful in orthodontics.

Lasers are definitely high tech treatment but when choosing an orthodontist considering whether or not they employ the use of laser technology for their treatments comes down to a few reasons…

The first reason is that lasers can helpLasers in Orthodontics orthodontic patients to feel more
comfortable when they have a canker sore or other ulceration adjacent to their braces. By keeping the laser at a distance from the lesion, the energy is absorbed but the tissue is not cut. The effect is that the sore is desensitized and healing is accelerated.

Another reason for lasers in orthodontics involves the removal of swollen tissue. This extra tissue develops as a consequence of poor oral hygiene. Not only does it look bad, it also grows over the enamel and makes future plaque removal even more difficult. Your orthodontist can remove your swollen gums allowing better access to the underlying enamel.

A fifth use of lasers in orthodontics is the one that actually shortens treatment time. In order for your orthodontist to move your teeth, he must be able to attach braces to each one. There are many times when the surface of the tooth is either fully or partially covered with gum tissue. This may be because the tooth is impacted, or it may be because the tooth just hasn’t come in all the way. For whatever reason, using a laser to remove tissue so that a bracket can be placed early can save six months to a year of waiting. That can substantially shorten your treatment.

Laser treatment is quick and easy. Most tissue is thin and can normally be desensitized with topical anesthetic alone. Because the laser seals as it reshapes the gums, there is little change of bleeding, swelling, shrinkage, or infection. Discomfort is similar to a cold sore and it lasts only a day or so. Another advantage of going to an orthodontist that uses lasers is that you won’t have to go to another office to have your soft tissue procedures performed. Not only will this save you money, it will also save you time as you will not have to delay your treatment until after you get in to see another doctor. Orthodontists who use lasers can get your treatment done quicker with better results.